Monthly Letterbox Wax Melt Subscription

Monthly Letterbox Wax Melt Subscription

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Monthly subscription of wax melts through your door, perfect for that big surprise each month.

A pack of 4 round melts, each weighing 15g.

Pop one or two melts in your wax burner,

You should get up to 5 burns per melt before the scent is no longer present. 

Created using fragrance oils and 100% soy wax, these highly scented wax melt are a great way to fill any room.

It will arrive in the post and will be the selected scent of that month.

Each subscription will be shipped out on the 17th of every month, (order after this date and your subscription will go out the following month)

All prices include postage.

Our fragrancies are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance companies. Our candles are inspired by and simply smell similar to the original fragrancies.

Do not eat, keep out of reach of children and pets.